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mole removal

Are you afraid of trying out mole removal products because you are simply afraid that they will harm you? I completely understand your concerns; I had them too and this caused me to delay removing my moles for years. Meanwhile, I just hated talking face to face with people because I felt acutely conscious of my moles. I just couldn’t shake the feeling that all they were doing was staring at my moles. Not a very nice feeling at all…image

you should always check if a mole is cancerous wellbeingdoctor has some information which can help in determining if it is cancerous.

I knew I could always get a doctor to get rid of them but I couldn’t bring myself to permit lasers and frozen nitrogen to be used on my skin. Besides, don’t you feel that these methods are just priced too high for regular people to use? I finally decided to do some research on mole removal methods and products, either store bought or homemade so that I could deal with the problem instead of avoiding it.


Lots of people told me that mole removal products were harmful to the skin because they caused a great deal of irritation to the area around the mole. Nevertheless I tried out a variety of products, some of which worked and some of which were absolutely a waste of money. What I have realized over time that it is impossible to generalize about these products. Simply put, some of them are good and others are not!

When it comes to safety, it is important to understand that two people’s bodies react in different ways to any particular product. Just because one person successfully uses a product to get rid of moles does not mean that another person will get the same results. If you have a problem with lots of allergies then you ought to be very careful about using any new product because there is a great chance that you might be allergic to this as well.

Another aspect of safety is sensitive skin on certain areas of the body. If you have a mole near the eyes or on an area where a lot of chafing occurs then it is probably best that you do not use these products. They contain corrosive substances (that’s the only way that they can work effectively) and will really trouble you if they get into sensitive areas. If you have moles in your pubic area you definitely ought to avoid putting any mole removal product there.


I always believe that home remedies should only be tried if a doctor says that it is alright to do so. I strongly urge you to show your mole to your dermatologist just so that you can be sure that it does not carry any chance of turning into cancer. If your doctor gives you a go ahead then you can use any reliable mole removal product. You will be safe as long as you buy the product from a reliable source. Like me, you too will soon be able to face the world with confidence once you get rid of these skin growths for good.


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natural soluctions to mole removal

There are always the surgical and invasive options that you can take for removing moles. But those who do not want to go under the knife can get rid of these unsightly skin growths through several alternative and more natural ways. If you want to learn more about these non-invasive ways of removing moles, here are some of the most effective solutions that you can easily whip up at home.


Although coriander is more known as a spice and a food ingredient, it can also be a good and natural solution in mole removal. Coriander is sold as dried plants. What you can do is to grind it into powder form which you can now easily apply on to the affected area. Moles should easily come off after a few days.

Baking soda and castor oil

You can start off the medication by mixing castor oil and baking soda until reaching a paste-like consistency. After which, you can put a certain amount on a gauze, apply it over the mole overnight. Repeat the same procedure for several nights until the mole comes off.


This spice is well known for its smell, flavor and for the many diseases that it has claimed to cure, including moles. Crushed garlic cloves are the ones used for removing moles. They are left on the affected are overnight and held in place by a gauze. Repeat this process for several days or weeks until the mole eventually disappears. .

Pineapple fruit

Pineapple extracts can do wonders in lightening the usual dark color of the mole. What you need to do is to apply fresh pineapple several times in a day. Lightening of the area can be seen in as fast as 2 to 3 days.

Dandelion root

Applying the juice of dandelion roots to the moles, three times a day, can effectively get rid of the problem in a week or so. The only down side to this remedy is that dandelion roots may not be very easy to come by.

Vitamin C

Crushed Vitamin C tablets can also be an effective way for removing moles. They are easily accessible in any drug store which has made it one of the most popular means for mole removal.

Grapefruit juice

A drop of grapefruit juice added on to the affected area can be a very effective way of removing moles. Prolonged application is recommended by soaking a cotton ball with the grapefruit juice and fastening it to the affected area using medical bandage. Results can be seen after a few weeks.

As what many people always say, natural solutions are always best. Although these natural means for mole removal may take a whole lot of time and even effort in having to religiously apply the remedy each day and night, these alternative solutions have been proven by many to be safe and effective. So if going under the knife is out of the question, then perhaps, these natural solutions of removing moles can work wonders on you.

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Treatments for Eczema

Unfortunately, eczema, is often underestimated even this is already considered as one of the most serious skin conditions today especially for children who have not yet developed full and strong immunity. Sometimes it can even lead to death, because some of eczema bacteria usually triggered by colostrum, one of the main ingredients found in the breast milk.

Since this kind of skin condition can be inherited it is often very difficult to find treatments for eczema, which often leads to several trial and error methods. But are there any safe and effective treatments for eczema? There is no easy answer to this question; perhaps the best natural ways to treat eczema is to prove try several medications and even remedies that would work best for you. Bear in mind that medications and treatments vary from one person to another especially if you have severe case of eczema.

So how do you know if you can have a natural predisposition for eczema? As might be inherited it is the best way to find out is to look for people with eczema in your family, especially the closer ones. This can be useful to find the right remedy for the fact is that the same treatment that has worked for that family member can also help your child get rid of the eczema infection. Find out who in your family has a history of same skin problems and what kind of remedies or treatments for eczema that have worked for her or him.

Very often, those natural home remedies for eczema can be quite strange, but these remedies have been tried and tested for many years and that they have proven to work well without those drawbacks and side effects unlike with those conventional medications. It takes years of scientific research to find the answer to the question whether natural remedies work or not. Most pharmaceutical industry does not want to invest in such efforts because of the doubts of its affectivity. However having the right kinds of treatments for eczema is important as this will surely help the patient prevent his skin infection from getting worse.